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Defence. Physical Resistance

Main information

  • Tier: Second
  • Tree: Defence
  • Description: Increase Resistance against Physical damage by 40-160 for all Champions.
  • Mastery requirement: Rank 1 Energy Resistance
  • Detailed information: Physical damage hits has approx 95% of champions with simple attacks and 60% with specials.
    Small amount of resist makes this mastery not good.
    But this mastery will be efficient for champions that has Physical resist abilities like Groot, Daredevil Netflix, Luke Cage, Venom and others.
    Note that any resistance and armor are capped up to 90% descreasing enemy damage.
    Also there are some nodes on AW with Prysical resist boost.
  • Usefullness: Lower average
  • Rank up advice: 0/4
  • Mastery Points Setup
  • Mastery FAQ

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