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Cull Obsidian

Main Information

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Special attacks

    1st Special
  • Type:
  • Collision of Challenge: A series of devastating strikes softens the opponent before Cull roars a challenge in their face to prove his dominance.
  • 2nd Special
  • Type:
  • Transformation Devastation: A flurry of blows rain down upon Cull’s foe, delivering punishing hammer and claw strikes.
  • 3rd Special
  • Type: physical damage, one hit, non proximile, can’t be critical.
  • Pummeling Eradication: With a fully-deployed whip-chain, Cull snags his opponent in a crushing grip before launching them into the wall.

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Signature Ability

    Enforced Oblivion
  • Once Cull Obsidian’s Rout Buff has expired, it goes into cool down, and can be reactivated after {2} seconds.
  • When Rout enters cool down, Cull’s aggression is awarded with a Fury Buff, granting +{1} Attack for {2} seconds. This Buff gains +{0} seconds duration for each hit landed while Rout was active.

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  • Cull Obsidian overcharges his weapon to gain a Rout Buff for {2} seconds. This causes his opponent to suffer -{0}% Auto-Block Ability Accuracy and also grants his attacks an additional burst of Energy Damage equal to {1}% of the damage dealt.
  • Thanos favor
  • At the beginning of the fight, 1 Thanos’s Favor Buff is gained per Persistent Charge. These Buffs last {2} seconds each and they gain effects based on the number of charges. These Buffs have their duration paused for {1} second(s) each time an attack is landed.
  • 1+ Each Buff grants +{1}% Attack.
  • 3+ Each Buff grants +{1} Critical Damage Rating.
  • 5+ Each Buff provides True Accuracy, allowing attacks to ignore Evasion and Auto-Block.
  • 8+ Each Buff grants +{1}% Rout Buff duration.
  • Heavy
  • {0}% chance per strike to inflict an Armor Break Debuff, reducing Armor by {1} for {2} seconds. This effect gains +15% duration and Ability Accuracy for each Persistent Charge.
  • Mission
  • Cull Obsidian has {1} Missions to complete, which may be done in any order. Each Mission can be completed multiple times and doing so grants 1 Persistent Charge.
  • Mission 1: Break their Defenses: Knockout any Champion.
  • Mission 2: Crush their Hope: Knockout an Avenger.
  • Mission 3: End their Resistance: Knockout a Champion above {1}% Health without the Combo Meter resetting during the fight.
  • Parry
  • Cull Obsidian’s unique shield allows him to use the Parry Mastery against Projectile attacks (only if the Mastery is unlocked & active).
  • Special 1
  • Combat expertise grants {1} Combo Shield Buffs. When struck, 1 Combo Shield Buff is lost instead of the Combo Meter resetting.
  • Special 2
  • Each strike has a {0}% chance to pause the duration of all Armor Break Debuffs on the opponent for {2} seconds.
  • Special 3
  • An influx of power from Thanos causes Cull Obsidian to re-trigger all of his Thanos’ Favor Buffs.
  • +{1}% Attack for each Persistent Charge