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Hela in Marvel Insider

Marvel Insider page has new Activities regarding Contest of Champions and Guardans of the Galaxyl!
First of all – insider is a system to reward Marvel dedicated fnas with different rewards. By completeng activities users get points and can spend them on whatever they want.

How to start?

First, you need no Register in Insider’s program:
If you have problem with registering – site says, that it’s only US residents, just try to register with another way – Gmail, Facebook, oe E-mail.
Also try to use VPN services, different browser and Incognito mode.

For now there are no any active in-game rewards in Marvel Insider. But anyway, those points that you will get from these acctivities you can spend in future when new rewards will be available.


Page with Insider activities.

To get 20,000 Insider points you need to “download” game. If you already have it, you need to enter your Player ID in the bar below by 12/01/17. Applicable to Players who created a Contest of Champions account between 11/01/17 and 12/01/17. Points will be awarded by 12/15/17.
This activity is on the Latest at Marvel tab.
So to be sure that you will 100% will get this reward, just create new account and enter there your new in-game ID. You can do it once per lifetime, so don’t spend it by entering your old in-game ID.
This may not work, if you will enter newly created IGN in this field, if in any other activities/rewards you entered your old/main IGN – Marvel thinks that this is multiple accounts and don’t give you anything. After several weeks of corresponding with tech support, they said that will check situation again, but in the end was no reward for this activity.

Beginner – 10,000 Normal – 30,000 Heroic – 50,000

You ned to 100% master new monthly quest – Gods of Arena by 12/01/17. Points will be awarded by 12/15/17.
Enter your Contest of Champions Player Name in the field opened by clicking on activity picture on Insider’s page site.
Well, on previous story quest that was in InsiderBlades awarded points was the same – you can read about it here.


Page with Insider rewards.
Get the EXCLUSIVE Contest of Champions Blade Starter Bundle! Redeemable until 12/17/17.

Package cost: 30 000 points.

The bundle includes:

  • 1x 2* Hela
  • 3x Epic Cosmic ISO-8
  • 5x Small energy refill
  • 5x Tier 1 basic catalyst
  • 10x Crystal shards crystals
  • 5000x Gold

Limit: one (1) per Marvel Insider member.
The reward will be delivered to your Marvel Contest of Champions account by 12/22/17.

Get the EXCLUSIVE Marvel Contest of Champions Thor Ragnarok Questing Bundle! Redeemable until 11/17/17.

Package cost: 125 000 points.

The bundle includes:

  • 1x 3-Star Morningstar 
  • 1x Greater Health Boost 
  • 3x Energy Refill 
  • 5x Level 3 Health Potion 
  • 10x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal 
  • 10,000x Gold

Limit: one (1) per Marvel Insider member.

The reward will be delivered to your Marvel Contest of Champions account by 12/22/17.

If you didn’t get points for Activities, or rewards missed

The whole Insider site is a big bug. And sometimes there are some Activities that you can’t complete, no matter how many times you tried.
And sometimes you may not receive rewards – points in Insider or some in-game gifts.
In both these cases – write to the Marvel Support with your problem: onlinesupport@marvel.com