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Announcing Rocket’s Scrapyard and Rocket’s Workshop

Information about new content regarding Rocket Raccoon.


You will need 13.0 Update to access these quests.

Rocket Raccoon is known for his ability to make somethin’ outta nothin’, but there’s just one problem: he’s got no time to collect all the stuff he needs to do it! The Guardians of the Galaxy have returned to the Battlerealm for a while, and Rocket’s got the bright idea to set up a little business opportunity. Rocket needs Scrap, and Summoners need Crystals and other fun stuff, so he figures you can work out a deal. Rocket’s got two new Quests for you: Rocket’s Scrapyard and Rocket’s Workshop. Here’s how each of them work:


Rocket’s Scrapyard is a set of Daily Quests that last for 3 days. There are 3 difficulty levels, and each 3-Day rotation has a different set of maps, and bosses. Completing and Exploring these Quests each 3-day cycle will give you a new item: SCRAP. Scrap can be used in Rocket’s Workshop to purchase different items, depending on how much you have. The Chests in these Quests also have rare chances to contain GATE KEYS, which can be collected and used to open bonus areas in Rocket’s Workshop. Speaking of Rocket’s Workshop


Rocket’s Workshop is a bit like a shopping mall. Here, there is no XP/Gold to be gained, and no Energy cost. There are 4 Sections to the Map. The first 3 each contain 4 rewards, with each section devoted to different “levels” of rewards (common, uncommon, rare). Read on below to see what each section contains. The fourth is a bonus area where Gate Keys can be used to unlock bonus items such as a rare title, or Chests containing Crystal Shards. All of these rewards are hidden behind a new feature: SCRAP GATES and KEY GATES. These Gates work similarly to Class Gates, except they consume a specific amount of either Scrap or Gate Keys in order to be unlocked. Each path containing a reward in Rocket’s Workshop is blocked by a Gate requiring a certain amount of Scrap or Gate Keys.

Questions and Answers

How long does this quest run for?
Rocket’s Scrapyard runs from May 3rd @ ~10AM PDT until June 2nd @ ~10AM PDT (10 full cycles of the 3-Day rotation)
Rocket’s Workshop runs from May 3rd @ ~10AM PDT until June 7th @ ~10AM PDT

Do I need to 100% all the difficulties of the Scrapyard every 3 days for 30 days?
If you want the most amount of Scrap possible, yes. These Quests aren’t designed to be hardcore challenges, though. Outside of some new characters, you should already know what to expect if you have played other Daily Quests.

I still don’t understand this whole Scrap/Gate Key/Item Gate thing…
You collect Scrap in Rocket’s Scrapyard and elsewhere. When you have the amount you want, you can enter Rocket’s Workshop, and spend that Scrap to unlock paths containing items you want. Key Gates work exactly the same, except they require Gate Keys, not Scrap, and the paths that Key Gates block contain different rewards.

So I lose the Scrap when I go through the Gate?
Yes. When you go through the Scrap or Key Gate, the cost of the Gate is removed from your inventory, even if you quit out of the Quest. There is a popup that asks you to confirm your choice before you move through the Gate.

What if I go through the Gate, get the Item, and then quit before I finish the Quest?
Then you lose both the item and the Scrap/Keys you spent, so… please do not do that. It should be mentioned that if you haven’t spent any Scrap or gotten any Items or Chests, there’s no harm in quitting out.

So I get to choose the rewards I want?
Yes. Unlike Dimensional Rifts, there is no random portal that sends you to an unknown location. The only thing standing between you and an item you want is the amount of Scrap you have collected.

You mentioned I can get Scrap “elsewhere”, what does that mean?
You’ll also be able to get Scrap from our upcoming Event Quest. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement next week about that in general, but for now, please check out the rewards below to see how much Scrap you can get from the Event Quest.

I looked at the rewards… What’s a Guardians of the Galaxy Crystal?
The Guardians of the Galaxy Crystal is a new Crystal coming soon that contains 2-Star to 4-Star Guardians of the Galaxy Characters! Check your in-game mail for more details!

What about Gate Keys? There’s only a chance of getting those?
Yes. The chance of getting a Gate Key from a chest in Rocket’s Scrapyard increases based on the rarity of the chest, so you will have the best odds on the hardest path of the hardest difficulty, naturally. There is no other place to get Gate Keys outside Rocket’s Scrapyard.

The rewards don’t say anything about what the Gate Keys unlock… what gives?
We want that to be a surprise… You’ll just have to wait and see! (It’s nothing insane, though. Just some bonus Crystal Shards… and maybe something exclusive).


This is probably easier to break down between Scrapyard, the Event Quest, and the Workshop:


Completition Exploration
1x Tier 2 ISO
20x GotG Crystal Shards
250x Scrap
1x Tier 3 ISO
30x GotG Crystal Shards
750x Scrap
Completition Exploration
1x Tier 3 ISO
30x GotG Crystal Shards
500x Scrap
1x Tier 4 ISO
70x GotG Crystal Shards
2500x Scrap
Completition Exploration
1x Tier 4 ISO
70x GotG Crystal Shards
1000x Scrap
2x Tier 4 ISO
180x GotG Crystal Shards
4000x Scrap

(Keep in mind you can get these rewards every 3 days, for 30 days)

Event Quest

Completition Exploration
5000x Scrap
15000x Scrap
Completition Exploration
10000x Scrap
30000x Scrap
Completition Exploration
15000x Scrap
45000x Scrap
Completition Exploration
20000x Scrap
60000x Scrap


Item Scrap cost
Zone 1
Tier 1 Class catalyst crystal 100
Tier 2 Class catalyst crystal 300
Gold crystal 950
Premium Hero crystal 5000
Zone 2
Tier 3 Class catalyst crystal 8000
Stony mastery core 7500
Tier 1 Alpha catalyst 7500
3-Star hero crystal 20000
Zone 3
Carbonadium mastery core 30000
Greater Ascendant crystal 50000
Tier 4 Basic catalyst 75000
4-Star hero crystal 125000
Четвертая зона
25x 4-Star crystal shard 1 key
125x 5-Star crystal shard 5 keys
Title Rocket’s little helpe 5 keys