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Alliance War Rating Reset

Many of you are members of alliances, and you have worked hard to get your alliance to where you are now, all while abiding by the rules and upholding the spirit of The Contest. There are, however, some players that have not followed those rules and have tipped the balance of The Contest in their favor. To protect our players that follow the rules and work hard, we are further accelerating the actions we take against alliances that violate our Terms of Service.

Today, we’re hitting the reset button on the War Rating of Alliances that use 3rd Party software to alter the game in their favor. Most of you will be unaffected by this, but a small number of you will be logging on to find that you are now in an Alliance with zero war rating.

Now, you may have some concerns about being in an alliance with somebody that modifies the game without the rest of the Alliance knowing. The manner in which we deal with cheating individuals has not changed; they will still be banned from the game. In this instance, we have taken a look not only at individuals that need to be banned, but at patterns of behavior within alliances in Alliance Wars and Alliance Quests. We don’t take these actions lightly and are confident in the necessity of our actions taken here.

If you want to ensure that your Alliance stays safe, we suggest closing your Alliance and having a stern talking to with each of your members. And if you are one of those members that uses 3rd Party Software, you better stop or not only will you see consequences from us, you’re going to have your whole alliance mad at you.

For those that use our forums – a reminder that this is not the place to appeal actions taken against your game specific accounts. These appeals need to be directed to customer service through the in-game menu or the web form.

For players that see threads that may pop up on this issue, we know that you may be surprised to see friends impacted by these actions. We ask that you trust we have investigated this activity thoroughly and taken these actions to maintain the sanctity of The Contest for our legitimate players.