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Version 14.0 Release Notes

V14.0 will be available on July 5th! Here’s what you need to know about our latest update.

Versus Mode Improvements

Multiverse Arena players will benefit from a newly streamlined flow that reduces loading times and keeps players in the fight!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Nightcrawler, Crossbones, and The Hood’s Block Timers to reset when receiving a hit
  • Fixed an issue causing Nebula to not reduce the Ability Accuracy of Robots
  • Fixed an issue where Autofight would not turn off
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy could perform special attacks while in the middle of an evade animation
  • Fixed the following character specific animation issues that were causing difficulties chaining from a combo into a special attack.:
  • Fixed Willpower to work with Shock and Incinerate Debuffs
  • Revised the defender knockback distance from a success Parry Stun. The knockback distance incurred on a successful Parry Stun is now consistent across all base attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the last hit on some character special animations had longer than normal block Stun durations.
  • The following Champion Special Attacks have been brought in line with the rest of the roster:
  • Increased the transition speed in and out of the block animation. Animation transition speed should now be consistent across all characters
  • Fixed an issue causing Archangel’s immunity to Ability Accuracy Reduction to not function
  • Fixed an issue causing Hyperion to not enter Cosmic Overcharge
  • Fixed an issue with The Punisher where health gains could extend Endure Pain duration
  • Fixed Punisher’s Special 3 Incinerate damage to scale with his modified attack
  • Fixed an issue causing Howard the Duck to not receive a Regeneration Buff against Mutant opponents after performing his Special 3
  • Fixed an issue causing Nebula to miss the second strike of her Special 2
  • Fixed an issue causing Phoenix to consume the incorrect amount of Fury Buffs during her Special Attacks
  • Fixed an animation issue where Black Panther’s attack distance did not match his model
  • Fixed text issues in the descriptions of Ultron, Star-Lord, and Guillotine
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Punisher to stack multiple Open Wounds debuffs
  • Fixed incorrect icons for Rhino’s abilities in his description
  • Fixed an issue causing Labyrinth’s Unstoppable Colossus’ Signature Ability from working