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CCXP2016 – Rumors and news

Comic Con for our game is the time to get some info about our game. And CCXP2016 isn’t exception!
Gabriel Frizzera, Kabam Art Director and Creative lead will be giving a talk on what he’s done, and where we’re going in the future, including a lot of spoilers.

Here’s the info:
By Gabriel Frizzera – Art Director and Creative Lead

Talk about the creative and artistic development of one of the most successful Marvel games to-date.
– Integration between Games, Comics, Movies and other media
– Creating original characters for the Marvel Universe (little chat was here about it).
– Exclusive reveal about future Champions

He will have his speech on Friday, December 2nd 2016 – 1:00 PM – Auditorio ULTRA.

Spoilers, rumors and predictions ahead

– Game is celebrating her 2nd BDay, so starting from Dec 10th we will have Anniversary Week.
This is a part of it’s celebration. Maybe there will be good Unit store deals, holiday boosts or something else.

– On Dec 7th we will have a new client update (v11.1.0) and new event named “Howard and Hyperion’s Holiday Hijinks”. It will till Jan 4th.
The plot: “The Holidays have come to the Contest, and all the Champions have given month off by The Collector. Well, all the Champions, except for Howard the Duck, who’s stuck in the Battlerealm without a friend in sight, organizing Crystals all day long.
But nobody should be alone during the Holidays! A friendly face has come to Howard in need of his indispensable investigative intuition: Hyperion needs Howard’s help to get home! It’s time to hit the road and help Howard and Hyperion get to the bottom of his cross-dimentional conundrum!”

– After it, on Jan 4th starts another event “Gwenpool, agent of C.A.B.L.E.” and will run till Feb 1st.
Also there is information that Deadpool will be also joining this story quest. So we can finally wait for Healing Factor arena.
All we know about it that Gwenpool don’t have any relations with Deadpool or Gwen Stacey (Spider-Gwen).
In comics she has no any superpowers, except quite proficient using guns and swords. Her real name is Gwen Poole. She knows that she living in comics world, but don’t know how she get here, and she’s a main character and can’t die (she jumped of a skyscraper on the back og a motorcycle and landed in a truck full of rubberducks). She also read all Marvel comics and knows all secret identities.
Also there is no such organization in Marvel C.A.B.L.E., she was always agent of M.O.D.O.K., so this means only that she will do some tasks related to Cable – another rumored and confirmed champion – son of Cyclops.
Thank you, Akeenshi for the information about Gwenpool!

– As we all know, our game universe strongly tied with Marvel Cinematic Universe. As we heard in NYCC2016 Kabam has plans for the game up to 2020.

– If to believe the calendar 5th act will be opened before Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 2 – April 2017.
But in the calendar there is some space, where could be Gwenpool-Cable event, so probably 5th act will be opened in January.

Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 2 movie.

Spider-man Homecoming movie.

– After that starts an event called PvC – no one for now knows what does it actually means. It could be an event “Punisher versus …”, and according to the rumors it could be Carnage or the whole Contest. Looks like this event has no any relations to the MCU movies, probably it’s related to Punisher TV series that will be released in 2017 on Netflix, but again, this is only rumors.

Thor 3. Ragnarok – end of 2017.

Black Panther movie – 2018.

Infinity war movie.

Ant-man 2 movie.

– And in the start of 2019 Captain Marvel movie.

After all these events we are waiting for something mysterious – there will be five events, that comes almost one right after another in 2020. Maybe 6th act? But it looks to long awaiting for it.

Most likely there are will be events related to all upcoming MCU movies. Also there could be some event between Thor 3 and Black Panther movies and between Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel.

Post will be updated if we get more information.

Regards to MCOC Trucos for spoiler photos from CCXP2016.