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Updated on Masteries: DE, LC and Coa

After the last news of upcoming updates in sinergy and masteries came a lot of feedback from players that provided Kabam with regarding these changes.

Kabam is still seeing a significant amount of feedback surrounding Liquid Courage/Double Edge/Coagulate masteries, and how the changes to Willpower have indirectly impacted these. Don’t forget that these masteries are working as intended, and as Kabam advertised them in-game to all players. However, the acknowledge of player’s feedback and frustration surrounding this matter and wish to say it has not gone unheard.

We will be awarding every player with these masteries 1500 5-Star Shards for each rank unlocked in Double Edge, Liquid Courage, or Coagulate prior to July 27th.

Some examples of how this works:

Player A has all of Liquid Courage unlocked, and all ranks unlocked prior to July 27th. There are 3 points total for Liquid Courage, so Player A will receive a total of 4500 5-Star shards.

Player B has all of Liquid Courage and Double Edge unlocked, and this was prior to July 27th. There are 6 ranks total for both of these, so Player B will receive a total of 9,000 5-Star shards.

Player C had a partial amount of Liquid Courage unlocked prior to July 27th (for 2 ranks), and unlocked the last rank after July 27th. This player will only receive shards for the two ranks unlocked prior to the 27th, for a total of 3000 5-Star shards.

These shards will be granted to players in the game on Tuesday, August 2nd no later than 8pm PDT.


What if you changed your masteries after July 27 and took LC, DE off because of the amount of health lost. Will you still be refunded the 5* shards for what u had unlocked?
Yes – as long as you unlocked it before the 27th.

So assuming you had double edge, liquid courage and coagulate all maxed before the 27th, that’s a total of 13,500 5 star shards?
Thats a lot of shards…
Yes, your it’s correct!