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AQ Season 4: Dormammu’s Dominion – News #2

Second part of news regarding 4th AQ Season.
First part can be find here.
Third part can be find here.

Kabam want to ensure that Season 4 of Alliance Quests is new and exciting for Summoners. Our goals are to give you a whole new iteration and address many of your concerns with the previous seasons, giving some choice back to you and addressing the wall that many Summoners feel they have hit with Champion progression.

Here’s more about these exciting new developments and improvements!

Bracket Changes:

  • Reduced the amount of brackets to 3
  • The Expert Bracket will contain 3,500 Alliances
  • The Advanced Bracket will contain 7,500 Alliances
  • The Normal Bracket will contain all remaining Alliances
  • This will simplify the way our bracket system works and will give players an experience more appropriate to their skill level
  • Worried about the effect this will have on your rewards? Don’t be. Because we’re introducing something brand new to the Alliance Quest system

Expert tier:
Top 2800 stay
Bottom 700 are lowered

Advanced Bracket:
Top 700 promoted
5100 remain
bottom 1700 are demoted

Normal Bracket
Top 1700 are promoted
Everyone else stays

Glory and The Glory Store:

Glory is a brand new resource being introduced to Alliance Quest Milestones and Rank Rewards. Use Glory in the Glory Store to purchase rank up materials, like Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts, Tier 4 Basic Catalysts, and Glory Crystals (contains 10% of a Tier 4 Class Catalysts (random class)) or Greater Glory Crystals (contains 20% of a Tier 4 Class Catalyst (random class)).

This gives you the ability to choose the Rank Up Materials that you need in order to progress. You’ll also be able to buy Alliance Potions, Gold Crystals and Glory Crystals!

In order to ensure that this addresses the slowdown in progression in a competitive manner, the Glory Store will operate differently than the other stores found in the game. After purchasing an item in the Glory Store, the price of purchasing a second of that item will increase, and the third will increase further, and so on as you make additional purchases. Don’t worry, if you’re willing to wait, the prices will revert back to the original price after a set amount of time. The time it takes to revert back to the original price will change per item in the store and a reset timer will indicate how much time you’ll need to wait until it resets..

There is also a maximum on the amount of Glory you can have at one time. This should encourage Summoners that need Rank Up materials to continue to push to get more.

Conqueror Rewards:

Conqueror Rewards are rewards you get for beating the boss
Just like Exploration and completion rewards, defeating Dormammu will give the Conqueror Reward to all Summoners that took part in that Alliance Quest
The more Battlegroups your Alliance completes, the more rewards you’ll all receive!

Hero Limitations:

Champions that you use on Map 1 and 2 will no longer be locked to Alliance Quests!

Menu Improvements:

A redesigned Alliance Quests landing screen that better surfaces the Map rewards for each map and your Bracket, as well as the top rewards for other Brackets.

Map Changes:

  • Maps 2-5 each have 3 variations on the Mini Bosses that can appear, and variations change each week
  • Any Alliance Member can now preview a map to scope out this week’s Mini Boss and nodes before you commit to a map
  • We’ve reduced the cost of running Map 4 from 500,000 Gold to 400,000 Gold!
  • We’ve reduced the cost of running Map 5 from 250,000 Battle Chips to 175,000 Battle Chips!
  • The default map will now be the map where at least one Battlegroup managed to take down the boss, or the one your Alliance can currently afford to play. If no such map exists, we will recommend a default based on your Alliance’s current bracket.

Battlegroup Minimums

  • In the Expert and Advanced brackets, we’ve reduced the number of Summoners needed in a Battlegroup before the next Battle Group unlocks.
  • Alliances in the Expert bracket require at least 1 Summoner in a Battle Group before the next Battle Group unlocks
  • Alliances in the Advanced bracket require at least 2 Summoners in a Battle Group before the next Battle Group unlocks
  • Alliances in the Normal bracket still require at least 3 Summoners in a Battle Group before the next Battle Group unlocks

And lastly, something we were going to leave for you to find in game, but we think you’d all like to know… Dormammu is the Boss of Season 4. We intend for him to be difficult, but we don’t intend for the difficulty to be as a result of players playing well.
Dormammu will not have his Signature Ability activated.

Get ready for your very last series of Alliance Quests in Season 3, because that week will act as the Placement Phase that determines which Bracket your Alliance will compete in for Season 4. Remember, there is only a 2 day break between Alliance Quests coming up!

Tomorrow will be more information about rewards and Glory Store pricing.