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Bugs in 12.0

As we all already used to it – many bugs are coming with every update. And last update (12.0) isnt’ exception. It caused even more bugs since brought new flat ability indexes system to the game. Here you can read about almost all bugs in this update and news about them.

Concerns about 12.0 Upd and Diminishing Returns and Future Update.

  • Iceman’s Coldsnap and Frostbite moves do not heal Ultron Prime despite them dealing energy damage.
  • Daredevil is unable to evade the projectiles from Punisher’s Special 2
  • Unstoppable Colossus’ unstoppable duration is currently expiring faster than intended.
  • Some buff / debug icons are not properly showing in combat.
  • 5 Star Ronan Rank 3 and above no longer has Fury
  • Rhino’s 5 Star PI value is incorrectly inflated. Theoritically Magik’s PI also is incorrect, but for now no official answer on that
  • Nightcrawler’s Bleed is now interacting with Deep Wounds Mastery
  • Ant-Man’s L1 animation not working as intended
  • Ronan’s Special Attack Description no longer states that he gains Stun Duration for buffs on the Opponent
  • The good news is that this is just a visual bug and Ronan still performs as he did before. We’ll fix his attack description soon.

  • Thor’s Fury not activating after being Stunned
  • This is a brand new change we had planned for Thor, and will make sure that this is fixed as soon as possible.

  • Gwenpool don’t stack Incinerate effects.
  • Elektra’s ability has a typo that states she gets 1 additional Critical Hit Rating
  • Archangel’s Special Attack is dealing Energy Damage

Under Investigation:

  • Parry Timing – This seems to be a performance issue, but we are looking for what is causing it
  • More aggressive AI Blocking Special Attacks – This also seems to be related to the above
  • Effectiveness of Pure Skill and Assassination – Neither of these are “bugs”, but are being investigated for the effectiveness post 12.0.1
  • Scarlet Witch not triggering Regen – This doesn’t look like a bug, but is being investigated to ensure she is triggering it as often as she should
  • AI Recovering too quickly
  • Debuffs from Special 3 attacks not always working
  • Defensive Accuracy decrease not affecting the Evade of Spider-Man


  • Story Mode 4.4.6 Maestro Bug, Screen Freezes w/ Error Message
  • Starting a fight with Gambit using Double Edge, or inflicting bleed on him will result in an automatic KO.
  • Incorrect info is displayed for 5 Star Winter Soldier and Quake’s Signature Ability
  • Joe Fixit and She Hulk are not Poison Immune
  • Debuff effect timers continue during Special 3 Animations.
  • Both Iron Fists, Karnak and Black Panther Civil War currently have a negative armour value in game. Also Iron Fist dealing less damage with his Armor Breaks
  • Heal Block nodes acting like Fate Seal
  • Old Man Logan in Labyrinth of Legends is regenerating significantly more than he should be
  • Some Poison Immune champs are no longer showing Poison Immunity in their descriptions. This is another visual bug that’s preventing some champions from showing this in their description. We’re working on getting this fixed!
  • Black Bolt signature don’t trigger any Fury and Cruelty effects.
  • Cable’s degen states it is 400 direct damage over 15 seconds. It used to state 400% of his attack. It was doing 172 per second against a Punisher with 0 power on my 1212 atk Cable. That is 2580 damage which is neither 400 or 400%. His Heavy Attacks Ability is displaying incorrect information. The Direct Damage from Degen is displayed as 400. This value is inaccurate and we’re working to get it updated. Good news is that it is a description error and not a functionality error! It will change based on his attack, so as his attack rises as he levels up the value changes. At 4* 5/50 the values should be 4636 over 15 seconds.
  • Yellow Jacket’s L2 was updated for the 12.0 update. However, it is broken. He doesn’t stun when the Power Sting expires. His L1 appears to be functioning properly. Only his L2 appears to be affected.
  • Hyperion’s description is incorrect. His description no long mentions Cosmic Charges granting physical resist. While there is no mention of Cosmic Charges granting Hyperion Physical Resistance per charge right now, we’ve confirmed he does in fact gain Physical Resistance per charge. His description will be updated, this is a visual description bug that is not impacting his functionality but totally understand why it’s causing concern.